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Career outcomes

Graduates from UNSW Online’s data science programs will gain a competitive edge in the dynamic and evolving field of data science. Combining UNSW’s strong reputation for producing the most employable graduates in Australia¹ and emphasis on industry-relevant skills, students will develop specialist skills to unlock a multitude of opportunities across a variety of industries, including:

  • Data Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Warehouse Architect
  • Investigations & Data Journalism

1.AFR Top 100 Future Leader Awards, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

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UNSW Online Data Science Program Structure

The Master of Data Science program comprises 12 courses – six compulsory and six electives. There is also the option to study the Graduate Certificate in Data Science, or the Graduate Diploma in Data Science, separately. The masters program includes the content of the Graduate Certificate and the Graduate Diploma, together with further electives and a capstone course.

Graduate Certificate

4 courses
or continue studying

Graduate Diploma

+ 4 courses
or continue studying


+ 4 courses

Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Achieve with a Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Data Scientists drive business decisions and the more data that is created the greater the need there is for experts to interpret that data into models for business growth. 

The Graduate Certificate provides you with the core skills employers demand in a fast-tracked model, plus gives you a pathway to study the Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Master of Data Science.  

Courses are delivered in seven-week blocks, plus Orientation week, which means graduating in as little as eight months and tapping into career opportunities sooner.

Graduate Diploma in Data Science

Get to your goals sooner with a Graduate Diploma in Data Science

Love technical and mathematical challenges? Learn how to drill into data to help provide better answers to drive business progress. The Graduate Diploma will give you the foundational skills that industry demands plus crucial decision-making techniques and the essentials of good data storytelling. 

The fast-tracked model means you can graduate with a diploma in just over a year, plus it gives you a pathway to study the Master of Data Science.

Master of Data Science

Master Data Science at UNSW Online

Be the power behind business decisions with the online Master Data Science at UNSW.

From advanced statistics and machine learning, programming and database systems, to strategic decision making, the skills you develop in this program are broad and deep and apply across all fields and industries. Designed to deliver capabilities that are in the highest demand and the most difficult to find, you will be able to take advantage of diverse roles (even those yet to be imagined), creating a career that’s dynamic and rewarding.

Delivered in seven-week blocks, plus Orientation week, one course at a time, you will be able to apply what you learn immediately and graduate in as little as two years.

Frequently asked questions
Can I study Master of Data Science without a bachelor's degree?

To be eligible for the Master of Data Science, you must have either:

1. Completed the online Graduate Diploma in Data Science (5646) with a WAM of 65 or higher OR

2. Completed an undergraduate degree in Data Science or cognate discipline (e.g., Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics) AND have sufficient Data Science background as indicated by an average mark of 70 or above across a minimum of three Level III courses in Mathematics and/or Statistics and/or Computer Science and/or Econometrics.

For more information on the Master of Data Science Entry Requirements visit here.

Is data science a good career option?

Yes, data science is a great career with tremendous opportunities for advancement in the future. The demand is high, salaries are competitive, and there are many career options and perks when studying data science for your career.

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What support is available for online study?

To help you graduate from one of the world’s leading universities, we're here to support you, every step of the way.

You will receive academic guidance from your Course Convenor, with feedback and answers to your course-related questions, as well as dedicated one-on-one support for all non-academic matters from your Student Success Advisor. They are available via phone or email to provide motivation and tips to support you to succeed in your studies.

What are the advantages of online higher education?

Online higher education gives you the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime, stay on track with your professional goals and study, get support from family and friends, cultivate your contacts and expand your network. Find out more about online study at UNSW here.