Studying online at UNSW

Take breaks to maintain peak performance

There’s a science to back-up the benefits of taking study breaks to maintain peak study performance. According to a well-known study by Cepeda, Pashler, Vul, Wixted, and Rohrer, cramming information into one long study session diminishes long-term learning. Therefore, give yourself time to study and time to have breaks – the longer you want to retain the knowledge, the longer your study break should be. 

Flexibility to study online

Studying 100% online means you have the flexibility to study at times when you work at your optimum. It also means it’s faster for you to graduate if you increase your study load. Imagine the time you'll save by not needing to travel to classes on-campus, making post-graduate study while working full-time more achievable than ever before.

Staying on track with study

Defining a study schedule at the start of your program and blocking that time out in your diary –  like a meeting or appointment – is just one of the tips for success. Look for those times you could use more effectively – actually taking your lunch break and using it for reading and contributing to group discussion boards, or swapping the endless social media scrolling during your commute to listen to the latest podcast or video from your class.

Support from family and friends

Getting the support of your friends and family can be invaluable too. We find that if they understand your study is a priority it makes it easier for you to communicate about when you need quiet study time or are unable to make it to social gatherings if you have an assignment due.

Cultivate your contacts

Looking for industry peers who have the same natural interest in developing their knowledge? Studying with UNSW will open you up to a new world of possibilities, where you can connect with like-minded students and grow your professional network. You’ll be able to tap into a new set of industry experts with similar career drives and motivations.

Reach out

You’ll never waste time trying to find an answer to a question you have for an academic or course convenor. Reach out whenever you need to. Your dedicated Student Success Advisor is only a call or email away. They will also check in on you from time-to-time during your studies to see how you are going and if they can support you in any way.