We Asked Artificial Intelligence to Create Dating Profiles. Would You Swipe Right?

Key Survey Findings

  • 62% of singles would swipe right on an AI-generated dating profile.

  • 43% of respondents said the AI-generated profiles looked real.

  • 67% of singles would be interested in training artificial intelligence to swipe right for them on online dating apps.

  • Hypothetically speaking, 15% of singles wouldn't swipe right on themselves.

  • 35% of singles are looking for casual flings on dating apps, 65% are interested in finding an authentic relationship.

  • 65% of singles have been in a relationship with someone they met through a dating app.

How much of what you see on a person's dating profile do you consider "real"? The person may be using a particularly flattering picture, their job title may be a bit of an exaggeration, and maybe their life isn't as social as their feed would suggest. But can you at least be sure it's an actual person behind the screen?

Most people can't, and we have proof. We recently showed more than 1,000 singles the dating profiles of completely made-up people – everything from their faces to their words and identities were completely constructed by artificial intelligence. We pulled imaginary faces using ThisPersonDoesNotExist.com and combined them with profiles created using a GPT-2 text-generating model with GPU. By looking through thousands of other dating profiles, AI generated the brand new dating profiles you'll see below. You'll also find how real-life singles swiped on the fake images, as well as their overall perceptions of AI-generated matches. Keep scrolling (or swiping).

Go on an Adventure With Michael


Swipe Right on Albert the Academic


Sing Your Heart Out With Colin


Barhop With Becca


Hang Around With Aimee

Geek Out With Lydia


The Future of Online Dating?

Let's consider this study to be a word of caution as you search the world of online dating to find your match: The person you're talking to may not always be who they say they are. Fake people can seem extremely attractive, as respondents demonstrated. Make sure you stay safe and consider the fact that a person may be exaggerating (or completely fabricating) the truth. That said, the world of online dating does offer plenty of opportunities – it's just best to be smart about it and obtain knowledge where you can.

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